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pros of buy one get one free

  • free thing

cons of buy one get one free

  • buy thing
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your icon will be the one that wakes you up serving breakfast naked

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beauty ;
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beauty ;
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We all may hate Joffrey but we have to admit this scene was adorable.

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Sophie Turner

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All for revenge
Not for any Nation
Not for any Ideology
Not for Justice
Not for Honor
Not for Power
Not for the Future
Not for Love
Not for Peace
Only for Revenge

"Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... And my arm... even my fingers... The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!"

Lately I mostly reblog;
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